Who is « Lavnosrad »?

From Edouard Darsonval to LAVNOSRAD…

Edouard Darsonval has always had a hidden side, which he has sought to express in his work as an antique dealer and furniture restorer for many years.

He now uses his pseudonym LAVNOSRAD (anagram of Darsonval in reverse). Thus referring to another image of himself. He affixes his initials to the back of the mirrors : his signature thus appears inverted to the spectators.

From the antique trade to artistic creation

During his career, Edouard DARSONVAL has developed a specific know-how and has enjoyed using and improving techniques to modify antique furniture and objects. He has acquired great dexterity in these areas.

The use of these techniques and experience have led him to develop a concept of diverting antique mirrors, which he now transforms into unique objects of art and decoration.

Freed from the constraints imposed by respect for antique pieces, their period and origin, it can now fully reveal its hidden face!

Edouard DARSONVAL has worked for over 30 years in the antiques field, with his stores in Uzès and l’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue.

He has a background in cabinetmaking and marquetry, and specializes in restoring, patinating and painting antique furniture, as well as creating decors using Arte Povera techniques (the Italian technique of polychromy on furniture, practiced throughout Europe in the 18th century).