LAVNOSRAD’s mirrors are a mystery revealed in subtle and intriguing ways. Their rendering is ghostly, and their beauty delicate to capture online. Why? Because the portrait only appears in a precise position in front of the mirror, under perfect light.
We’ve taken photos that reveal the contents of each mirror. All we need is your reflection to complete the picture!




Art deco


113 x 76 cm




Marilyn Monroe has gone through the looking glass, but her beauty lives on in this 1920s setting…
Frame dimensions: 113 x 76 cm.
This is a unique work of art. The frame has been restored by LAVNOSRAD. The mirror’s transparency effects are created by hand and require no electrical or mechanical action.

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Face cachée

What will I see when this work is in front of me?

To help you better understand the effect that this mirror will produce, you can drag the cursor over this image. You will thus reproduce the effect that you will obtain by moving in front of him. Depending on your position, you will only see your own reflection. But by moving or changing the light in the room, if the mirror is placed at the right height in front of your face, you will then see the hidden portrait… Of course in reality, your reflection will not disappear completely and will blend in in the portrait…