The concept

The concept

Art Brut from antique mirrors…

Mirrors revealing a dark world…

LAVNOSRAD is the pseudonym of Edouard Darsonval, a self-taught artist who presents an innovative concept of mirrors revealing his hidden face. A dark side that reveals itself behind the mirror’s reflective surface…


Inhabited mirrors

Old houses and objects exude an atmosphere, a smell and sensations that touch Edouard Darsonval. Through his “habited” mirrors, he reveals what he imagines behind the reflective surface: tormented beings who have returned from beyond the grave to haunt our modern world.

LAVNOSRAD selects antique mirrors from different eras to support these “apparitions”. The result is one-of-a-kind decorative objects that can be transformed into highly original and distinctive works of art.

At first glance, it’s our own reflection that the mirror reflects back to us… But, depending on the light and the position in front of the mirror, we can make out a shadowy portrait of a monster, a ghost, a mythological being, an ancestor…

By enclosing his dark side on the other side of the mirror, the artist isolates his dark side. This is reminiscent of Faustian references such as The Picture of Dorian Gray.

It expresses an ancestral fear of old age and decay. Petrified in their frames, these frightening portraits remind us of the ever-present proximity of death.

Since 2022, LAVNOSRAD has produced a series of exceptional mirrors. Each work is unique both in its setting and in the portrait it reveals.

A prior art search revealed that this process (or effect) had never been used before.

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The designer’s workshop

At its workshop in Uzès, south of France, LAVNOSRAD has over the years developed a process that makes part of the mirror’s reflective surface transparent. It gives a glimpse of human-sized portraits behind the mirror… Let us surprise you!

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