Revealing the captivating world of LAVNOSRAD: “Face Cachée”, a collection of inhabited mirrors

Revealing the captivating world of LAVNOSRAD: “Face Cachée”, a collection of inhabited mirrors

LAVNOSRAD, the artist who reveals the magic behind mirrors, is proud to announce the launch of its website:, which presents its “Face Cachée” collection. Immerse yourself in a mysterious world where mirrors reveal hidden secrets, apparitions and unexpected reflections.

This unique collection, created since 2022, blends the ancient and the contemporary by combining antique mirror frames with mysterious portraits, offering an unprecedented artistic experience.

What makes these mirrors truly magical is their ability to surprise the viewer. You stand in front of a mirror, initially seeing your own reflection. However, thanks to a subtle variation in perspective or a play of light, another image emerges, revealing a human-sized face as if emerging from another dimension. It’s as if the mirror were a door to an unexplored realm, creating an experience both mystical and astonishing.

The inspiration behind this artistic approach is clearly linked to Art Brut, an artistic movement characterized by spontaneous, unconventional creation. Indeed, LAVNOSRAD explores the boundaries of artistic expression by hijacking antique mirrors and bringing to life a technique and creations that defy traditional expectations.

Edouard Darsonval, aka LAVNOSRAD, is much more than an artist. Before reinventing himself in the art world, he was a renowned antique dealer and furniture restorer. His fascinating pseudonym is in fact an inverted anagram of his own name, symbolizing his own metamorphosis and his desire to express his hidden side in an artistic process.

If you’re curious to discover more about the man behind the artist and his unique journey, we invite you to explore our website.

For curiosity seekers, all LAVNOSRAD’s works are available on our website. You can also discover them during temporary exhibitions or, by appointment, at the artist’s studio in Uzès or by video call.

Don’t miss this opportunity to plunge into the fascinating world of LAVNOSRAD and discover the magic of inhabited mirrors.

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LAVNOSRAD, a self-taught artist, is the pseudonym of Edouard Darsonval. His “Face Cachée” collection of inhabited mirrors combines the ancient and the contemporary to create a unique artistic experience.

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High-resolution images of LAVNOSRAD’s “Face Cachée” collection and of the artist are available on request. Photo Credit: Agence Cameleon